DynamicsPerf 2.10 Available !!!

2019-02-01 By 0 Comments

It is with great pleasure to announce that DynamicsPerf 2.10 can be downloaded from here.

There are several enhancements to this version:

  1. Added support for Dynamics 365 Local Business Data (aka On-Premise )
  • New AOTEXPORT class specifically for Dynamics 365
  • Added collectors for Dynamics 365/AX BatchJobHistory data
    • Be able to determine if a batch job was running when a system slowdown occurred.
  • Added historical data aggregation for BatchJobHistory data into Daily and Monthly totals
    • Analyze total impact of each batch job by Day or Month (avg. time, execution counts, etc)
    • Find out which Batch Jobs are slowing down over time
  • Added SQL Server Always On configuration data to the database
    • Review your SQL Server Always On configurations (replicas, groups, listeners)
  • Fixed missing data when Dynperf Server and Server collecting data from are in different time zones
    • No more missing query plans caused by servers being in different time zones !!
  • Added SQL Server 2016 database scoped configurations as a collector
    • Determine which settings are at the database and which are at the server level
  • Added new views and sample queries for each of the above new data collection sets
    • The analyze scripts have been updated with new sample queries for all the new collectors
  • Added some sample Query Data Store queries for those of you on SQL Server 2016 and above who have enabled the data store.
  • There is an upgrade script from 2.0 to 2.10 provided in DynamicsPerfupgrade scripts folder.  In addition, there is a small patch file to upgrade to the current build of 2.10. (This version has been being tested by Dynamics PFEs since late Nov. )

    The installation steps are the same but I will be adding a video blog for installation.  So stop back to this site to check out this video.

    A big THANK YOU to the community that continues utilize and support this toolset !!!

    Rod “Hotrod” Hansen