The best ways to keep your Surface Go charged on the go

2019-05-31 By 0 Comments

We use the Surface Go every single day and this is how we get the most life from it when we’re on the road.

If you use your Surface Go on the road a lot you’ll probably be interested in a great battery pack. And the Dell Notebook Battery Bank is a great battery pack.

Our pick

Dell Notebook Power Bank

A huge but portable battery pack for your Surface Go

This 65Wh will power your Surface Pro or any USB-C powered PC for hours on end, perfect for those long days on the go.

Who should buy this battery pack?

If you’re a frequent traveler, student, or really anyone who spends a long time away from a power outlet, this battery pack will make sure you never run out before you get to the end of your day. Or maybe even your day and the next day!