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How It Works?

How it work? Is the Very First Question Every Client Has In Mind

Answering the very key question is very important thing so that clients have better confidence in our team and its services. First of all our team collect very basic information and data about client requirements, processes, input and output detail info. Then this scattered planned / unplanned data is converted into very useful and workable fact sheet and flow charts. Then our teams decides the tools and pathway to convert concept into reality. That,s the magic touch we provide.

We know your problem and the solution better so we are here to deliver rapid and quick solutions to your problems. We convert problems into solutions, imagination to reality and impossible to possible. Everything is possible what you imagine.



Collect Ideas

The very first steps requires highest level of intention and skills because if any stone left upturned or anything over looked can lead to destructive results.


Magic Touch

Our Development Team has all the expertise and know-how to do the Magic Touch Job.


Data Analysis

Analysis of data gathered after first step is also a very important step it will decide fate of the assignment and we have a very good experienced team to analyses data very closely.


Finalize Product

A big smile and satisfaction  and a long term relation that is what we target and always we achieve it.

ReadySols is an IT company that values quality not quantity and focuses on establishing long-term relationships with clients.


Our Skills

Readysols provides expertise in wide range from web to mobile to Desktop i.e. Web,  Android, iOS and Desktop Application Development. We expertise in windows .NET Framework as well as open source PHP, CSS and HTML and Java Script. We have competitive and professional team.

  • Desktop Applcation

  • Web Application Development

  • iOS Application Development

  • Android Application Developemnt

Why Choose Us?

Choose us, because we commit to deliver solutions in time, with maximum satisfaction. We do development and design work with professionalism, enthusiasm and expertise. We promise that we will make you to smile as you will love the final delivered product.

We have very recipe and we think our clients love. Why you must choose us? Because:

  • WE always like to  develop new ideas and problems into solutions.  .
  • We like to listen our clients as along as they can tell us.
  • Because we value our customer
  • We have full confidence in our expertise
  • So we develop very compelling solutions.
  • We Love to learn each day as one never stop learning.

Company Progress

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New Visitors

Everyday new visitors visit us.

Social Media

Our Social Media Team always active to share our experience.


We get most of client by reference of our old clients.

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James Sanders

Web Designer

Web Design Specialist,

Ummar Ahmed

Backend Designer

iOS Developer, BS in Computer Sciences from UOG Pakistan

S. Fahid

Manager Admin

CEO RIS, M.Sc IT, Microsoft Certified DOTNET Developer With An Experience of 17 Years

Umer Tahir

Interface Designer

Android Expert, BS from UOG Pakistan

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