Where can I find the latest Azure training?

2018-05-05 By

We have many free Azure training offerings available to get started learning Azure. Here are several ones I recommend to customers:

Where can I see a quick overview of Azure’s capabilities?

For getting a quick overview of Azure and its capabilities I recommend you visit this site here as it has all the Azure cloud services listed and you can drill into each one interactively:


Do you have an Azure guided learning path?

Yes, there is a guided learning path for AWS administrators, Azure Administrators, DevOps, Architects, AI, etc. here:


Do you have any good free Azure training?

Yes, we offer some excellent free training from PluralSight and we have Hands On Labs:

Free Pluralsight training here:


Great Hands on labs here and here:


Do you have any Azure Administrator/AI/Data Science certification programs?

Yes, we have a program called the Microsoft Professional Program (MPP) which is geared to ramp people looking to gain new skillsets in Azure Administration, DevOps, Big Data, AI, Data Science, and other areas which are all in demand technical skillsets in today’s workplace:


Our free Microsoft Professional Program for Azure Administrators course here:


Do you have any other training best practices to keep current with Azure?:

I recommend the following to keep current with Azure:

  • Watch Channel 9 Azure videos here – very useful learning
  • Watch Ignite Azure videos here – excellent deep dive information
  • Subscribe to our blog here or Azure blog here
  • Subscribe to the Azure updates blog for new releases here
  • Grab training from GitHub here