Enjoy incredible audio with Creative’s fancy new soundcard

2019-08-01 By 0 Comments

Creative turned 30 and celebrated by releasing a high-end soundcard and DAC audio solution.

Soundcards used to be a requirement to enjoy games and media on your PC, but as motherboard manufacturers began to include better onboard audio, soundcards became less viable for the average PC owner. Today, soundcards are still more of a niche, only being picked up by serious audiophiles or those who require advanced features not offered by the motherboard.

The new Sound Blaster AE-9 follows suit, packing some serious hardware, but commands quite the price. The PCI-e soundcard is capable of 32-bit audio, and the companion audio control module (ACM) comes with a built-in microphone amplifier. Should you consider installing Creative’s latest PCI soundcard inside your PC? TL;DR: yes, you should.