Presenting the 2019 Microsoft Showcase Schools

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At Microsoft, we believe in the potential of every student. We believe educators deserve more time to teach. And, we believe that with the right tools, everything is possible. The schools nominated into our Showcase School program exemplify these beliefs in action by implementing innovative practices into their leadership, teaching, and learning practices into the development of their environments, and their technology choices. The result demonstrated at each one of these schools is increased student outcomes.

The diverse practices among schools stem from the unique cultures, local educational requirements, down to the needs of individual students. The common element in each of our Showcase Schools is passionate educators working for the common good. Their contributions go beyond the school into their communities and beyond. We see educators who use Minecraft in the classroom to empower students to solve real-world problems. Some use Skype to offer their students an understanding of world events and cultures. These schools lead by example and we are proud that their leaders select Microsoft solutions to better enable increased student outcomes and greater educational transformation success school-wide.

Take a tour of Showcase School Strumienie Szkola Podstawowa in Poland:


Twice a year, we pause to recognize some of the world’s most innovative School Leaders whose work drives increased student outcomes and educator/leader development on the ground, in each of these diverse schools, and globally. It is with awe and inspiration that this year we welcome to the 2018-2019 Showcase School program, 366 Showcase Schools and their School Leaders, who call 65 countries across the world home.

Showcase Schools’ thoughtful leaders empower educators and students to re-imagine and re-design leading, teaching, and learning in their schools and in their regions. These leaders also come together as a group to tackle challenges, celebrate successes, and share their learnings in a vibrant online community available exclusively to Showcase School Leaders in Microsoft Teams. They are committed to developing their own strengths as leader-learners and work together to learn about global trends in education and test new solutions locally, adjusting to meet the specific needs of their own communities.

Each year, Microsoft Showcase School Leaders and the Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts in their schools share best practices both online, through Microsoft Educator Community and Skype in the Classroom, as well as in-person at local events hosted by each Showcase School and global events, such as BETT, UK.

In addition to reaching out to their local communities and reaching within to empower educator and student outcomes in their own schools, Showcase Schools also:

• Provide Microsoft engineers with valuable insights and ideas, to evolve technology and improve teaching and learning practices based on classroom experience;
• Gain access to professional and career development opportunities and certifications;
• Host regional events showcasing their use of Microsoft solutions

The impact of Showcase School excellence is felt globally, as these schools support their local communities by providing the opportunity to experience tomorrow’s transformation, today.

Thank you, Showcase School Leaders, for all the work your educator teams and you do to transform education one school at a time.

Welcome to the Microsoft Showcase School community.

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