Need a bit more Wi-Fi range? TP-Link’s RE220 is a great affordable option.

2019-04-01 By 0 Comments

Can’t get a Wi-Fi signal in one pesky corner? TP-Link’s RE220 can solve the issue.

TP-Link is well known in the wireless networking game, and its recent release of the RE220 range extender bolsters its lineup even further. It’s a big step up over the extremely popular (but aging) TP-Link N300, which offers single-channel speeds up to just 300 Mbps. While the older hardware is still selling, many people with a more modern main router with 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands can now take advantage of the RE220, which brings a slick redesign and combined speeds up to 750 Mbps. I used the RE220 range extender for about to week to see what it’s all about.