Microsoft has released the Xbox IP ‘Alan Wake’ to Remedy Entertainment

2019-07-01 By 0 Comments

Despite a strong cult following, Microsoft didn’t see an opportunity for Alan Wake 2 to make a decent return on investment. Remedy Entertainment has now acquired full ownership of the IP, opening up the possibility for Alan Wake to return.

One of Microsoft’s biggest missed opportunities can be found in the Alan Wake IP. The horror-thriller title with nods to the likes of Twin Peaks and Silent Hill wasn’t a huge hit in its first outing but amassed a dedicated cult following when it launched back on the Xbox 360. Microsoft declined to fund a sequel, sadly, owing to the fact the original game sold only around 3 million copies.

GI.Biz is reporting that Remedy, known for Quantum Break, Max Payne, and the upcoming sci-fi action game Control, has acquired the rights to the Alan Wake IP from Microsoft, meaning that they can now publish the game for themselves. Previously, all publishing rights to Alan Wake belonged to Microsoft, preventing a sequel from being made.